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In Nomine

Sophia, Angel of Wisdom

Sophia is one of the very oldest of the Seraphim: she was created before even Dominic and the younger archangels. She is not an archangel herself mostly because her Word is so directly subservient to Yves.

Before the Fall, Lucifer was the Angel of Light. His duty was to shine the illumination of God onto His creation. He was also Yves' only significant opponent in philosophy, debate, and thought of all kinds.

Working closely with Lucifer was Sophia. While he exposed the facts of any matter, it was Sophia whose nature was to help others see the proper way to interpret those facts. But without him, she would have lived in darkness. Without illumination, her wisdom would be meaningless. When Blandine and Beleth became the first angels to love each other, she realised what it was that she had always been feeling: she truly adored Lucifer as she loved nothing else below God. His Word, his actions, his person.

When he returned that love, she felt complete for perhaps the first time.

But Lucifer saw inconsistencies in the Divine plan. He began to interpret these as mistakes, or even deliberate injustices, on the part of God. Sophia was the first to notice the depths to which his doubts ran, but of course she could not bring herself to inform Uriel.

Then Lucifer spoke to her of his rebellion. She was probably the first angel that he directly approached. She was also the angel with the strongest reason to Fall. For a long time, as time was reckoned in Heaven, she seriously considered his words. Meanwhile, he was persuading others to join his Great Crusade. Sophia did not speak out: how could she?

Then the day came. Lucifer and his hordes were ready to rise against the Throne of God, and Sophia was forced to make her choice. Weeping, she turned, and walked out of Lucifer's Cathedral. Seeing her go, Belial approached her, raising his hand against her, to prevent her from informing the loyal angels of the impending attack. Lucifer stepped forward, raised Belial above his head in both hands, and slammed him into the floor. Then he embraced Sophia, and walked back to his waiting troops.

Sophia went first to Michael, then Uriel. When the now-cursed angel Satan, his former name never to be spoken again in Heaven, made his attack, they were ready.

Millenia later, Sophia has not yet been seen without tears on her cheeks.